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High Temperature VW Piezometer

Geosense® VWPHT-3600 high temperature vibrating wire piezometers are suitable for the extreme environments of temperature and pressure found in applications such as tar, sand and deep geothermal energy extraction. They use the well-proven technology of converting fluid pressures on a sensitive diaphragm into a frequency signal which is particularly suitable for these demanding environments. Made from temperature resistant materials and housed in a rugged heavy-duty body with a 1/4” BSPF thread, the Geosense® VWPHT-3600 can be mounted into various process applications. Data can be obtained using a portable readout or connected into a data logger for automatic monitoring.
Pressure range: 21, 35, 52, 69, 104, 138, 207, 345, 552 bar
Operating range: -20 to +260°C (cable dependent)
Thermistor: 1000 Ohms @ 0°C
Thermistor temp range: -200 to +260°C
Resolution: 0.025%FS
Accuracy: ± 0.1% FS
Excitation: Pluck or swept frequency


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