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d-Micro Geotechnical Crackmeter

YieldPoint’s d-micro is a high precision digital crackmeter with a 10mm range. It operates using an embedded microcontroller running the d-Tech firmware. It is most commonly used as a crackmeter in rock on the surface of concrete structures. d-micro has been used for applications such as:

  • monitoring any individual or interface crack in a structure
  • monitoring cracks in underground mines such as lunch rooms and garages
  • monitoring cracks in parking garages
  • monitoring cracks in dams under rehabilitation
  • monitoring cracks in residential structures subjected to blast vibration and fracking vibration
  • monitoring bridge-deck behaviour
  • monitoring of pillars and posts

The instrument outputs readings directly in degrees C and microns which eliminates the necessity for expensive analog-to-digital conversion. Readings can also be made using the USB port of a laptop or tablet computer (SensorViewer). Long term, low power, data logging is possible using the low cost dLoggers. A Real-time plug-and-play network of d-micro sensors or of any combinations of any other YieldPoint Instruments can be built in minutes using the IoT Gateway or d-Mesh. These features make solutions based on d-micro instruments significantly more cost effective than those of competing products. d-micro can be easily installed and removed from all types of structures using the convenient corrosion-proof nylon connectors.


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