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PROFIL Digital Inclinometer Probe

The PROFIL system includes a digital probe, lightweight control cable, Bluetooth reel, cable gate, Profil Reader app, and Profil Manager software. The standard system includes a detachable probe.  A system where the probe and the cable are permanently attached is available in option. The Profil’s major advantages are its sensor technology and mobile computing which bring simplicity to survey operations.

To start a survey, tap an inclinometer borehole from the list displayed by the Reader. Alternatively, simply scan the QR code that is fixed to the casing. At each survey depth, the Reader prompts when a stable reading is ready to record. To record, simply pull the cable upwards to the next depth. The Reader senses motion and stores the stable reading in non-volatile memory. There is no need to hold the Reader or tap a button. Your hands stay free to work with cable and probe.If the survey is interrupted for any reason, simply tap to resume at the same depth, with no loss of data. When the survey is complete, plot checksums, profiles, and changes to validate the readings before you leave the site. Afterwards, send surveys to the office via the Internet, using email with automatic file attachments or Dropbox for full synchronization. If the Internet is not available, use a USB cable for data transfers.


  • Graduations are measured from top wheels of probe.
  • Metric cables have 0.5-m graduations with numeric depth labels every meter.
  • English cables have 2-foot graduations with depth labels every 4 feet

Standard Lengths: 

  • 30, 50, 75, 100 m / 100, 150, 200, 300’. Other lengths available. Every control cable is 3 m (10 feet) longer than its listed length. 


  • The four-conductor cable has a Kevlar strain membrane, and polyurethane jacket.

Cable gate specifications:

  • Index Point: Cable gate aligns graduation with top of casing.
  • Casing Compatibility: Fits 85, 70, and 48-mm casing (3.34, 2.75, and 1.9-inch casing).
  • Cable gate aligns graduation with top of casing. 

PROFIL Reader Application

  • OS: Android 4.0 and above.
  • Number of inclinometers and surveys are limited only by device memory. Maximum depth is 300 m / 1000 ft. Depth intervals are multiples of 0.5 m or 2 ft.
  • Survey Screen: Large, readable characters. Shows active depth, last depth recorded, A and B readings in mm, inches, or classic units, checksums, and progress bar. Record button prompts user to wait, tap, or pull (in hands-free mode).
  • Plots checksums, profiles, change-from-initial, and change-from-last in high resolution. Displays data table for inspection and survey-time corrections.
  • Send: Transfers files from the Reader via Internet connection. Modified files (new surveys) are automatically attached to an email. Dropbox transfers are more automated, requiring no action at the destination. 

Profil Reader App

  • Download the Profil Reader app and updates from the Downloads section or from Google Play directly on your tablet

Profil  Manager Software

Android Reader (standard or rugged)

  • The optional Android Reader is a certified Android-based tablet supplied in factory packaging. See our website for complete list of devices. Currently certified tablets include fully rugged Panasonic ToughPad, which is suitable for all environments, and the Google Nexus 7 and Galaxy Samsung, which are suitable for moderate environments 


  • Controls: On/Off switch, LEDs for power, charge state, and Bluetooth. Timed auto-off.
  • Power: Internal battery provides 40 hours of operation. Charge time is about 5 hours. 


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