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Retrievable In-Place Inclinometer System (MEMS) - Model 6150-4

A custom, retrievable, In-Place Inclinometer system (CPX-1) has been produced to monitor ongoing deformation in inclinometer casings after the zones of movement (shear planes) have been detected by a portable, Digital Inclinometer System.
The system is 10 m in length and comprises 20 addressable biaxial inclinometer sensors, on 0.5 m spacings. It is provided with a suspension cable to permit installation spanning 10 m zones at depths up to 60 m, and a signal cable to connect to a datalogger located up to 10 m away.
The IPI segments, wheel assemblies, and cables are all securely packed in a sturdy, weatherproof and shockproof transport case suitable to withstand working conditions likely to be encountered in the field.
The system lends itself to applications where monitoring is required for relatively short periods of time (weeks) after which it can be removed, easily carried and reinstalled in casings in which movement has just been detected or anticipated; for example in inclinometer casings ahead of tunnel excavations.
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