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LC-3 Dataloggers (MEMS) - Model 8003 Series

The Model 8003 Series LC-3 MEMS Dataloggers are designed to read MEMS sensors and their integral thermistors. Several versions are available: The 8003A and 8003B are standalone dataloggers to which external MEMS sensors are connected via cables, while the 8003C and 8003D are dataloggers containing integral MEMS sensors. Data memory consists of 512 kB of EEPROM, which translates into a memory storage capacity of 21,000 arrays. The Model 8003 Series LC-3 MEMS Dataloggers are powered by three, easily accessible, alkaline ‘D’ cells, or by an optional 12 V source (please contact Geokon, Inc. for details). For extended battery life, a solar panel and rechargeable batteries can be used.

Accuracy: ±0.05% F.S.
Resolution: 18 bit
Storage Capacity (Arrays): 21,000
Temperature Range: −30°C to +50°C
Temperature Measurement: (accuracy) 1.0% F.S.
(resolution) 0.1°C
Scan Interval: 5-86,400 seconds (24 hours)
L × W × H: 8003A/B | 122 × 120 × 81 mm
8003C/D | 120 × 220 × 90 mm
Mounting Panel | 276 × 133 × 6 mm



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