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Based on the original SMARTLog, the new SMARTLog3 can now monitor up to 3 SMART instruments on a single box! Same size, better value for your money. Also, with increased resolution (16bit) and the same high quality you expect from MDT.

Power: 3.6VDC AA lithium batteries (x2)
Current: 120uA (sleep), 10mA (max read)
Analog Inputs: 18 – THREE SMART instruments
Resolution: 16bit
Sampling Rates: 1sec to 1day
Memory: onboard flash
Dimensions: 110mm(L) x 65mm (W) x 60mm(H)

Features and Benefits
Battery-powered with life of up to 18 months
Simple, one button operation
Rugged, welded steel enclosure designed for the harsh mining environment
Data is downloaded with a USB cable directly into MDT software for interpretation
Easily set sampling frequency from your PC

Use in areas you don’t travel to often
Areas with limited access but still require regular monitoring
Limited time projects that require high frequency sampling
Use as a transition product to real-time wireless monitoring


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