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Sandvik MB650 is a flameproof-approved (FLP) bolter miner designed for roadway development. It is basically a wide-head continuous miner with special design features for cutting, loading, ground support and face ventilation. Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval authorities are also possible.


  • Fully supported roof for operators due to support canopy behind the cutter drum
  • Automated, programmable cutting cycle guaranteeing smooth floor conditions
  • Push button controlled roof bolter stations (electronic over hydraulic) providing ease to operators
  • Low cutter head rotation speed to reduce dust generation
Technical data
Cutter motor power 270 kW
Electric power supply 1,000 V
Ground clearance 270 mm
Ground pressure 0.22 MPa
Installed power 546.75 kW
Loading capacity 25 t/min
Cutting height 2,800 - 4,500 mm
Cutting width 5,200 - 5,600 mm
RPM of cutter drum 25.6 rpm
Max. tram speed 15 m/min


Sandvik Mining: World Trade Center, Tower C, 15th floor, Strawinskylaan 1545, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands. email:

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