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Inclinometer Probe - Model 6000 - 6100

The Model 6000 Inclinometer Probe is used in conjunction with inclinometer casing for the measurement of lateral earth movements which might occur in unstable slopes, land slides, dam and roadway embankments, and landfills.
The model 6005 Spiral Indicator uses a flux-gate magnetometer to measure any spiraling of inclinometer casing.The instrument provides a direct reading of the azimuth of the casing grooves at any point along the casing.
The Model 6015 Horizontal Inclinometer Probe is a modification of the standard Model 6000 probe which allows it to be used in horizontal inclinometer casing.
The Model 6100 consists of a waterproof, stainless steel housing, and contains two MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) transducers, one with its axis in the plane of the spring-loaded wheels; the other at 90°.

Standard Range ±53° 
Resolution ±0.025 mm/500 mm (±10 arc seconds) (Metric), ±0.0001 ft/2 ft (±10 arc seconds) (English) 
Total System Accuracy¹  ±6 mm/30 m (Metric), ±0.25 in/100 ft (English) 
Temperature Range  0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F) 
Length × Diameter  700 × 25 mm, 1200 × 25 mm (Metric), 32 × 1 in (English) 
Wheelbase  0.5 m, 1 m (Metric), 2 ft (English) 
Casing Size I.D.  51 to 89 mm (2 to 3.5 in)
¹Within 3° of vertical


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