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D45KS Rotary blasthole rig

Our Sandvik D45KS blasthole drill is ideal for coal, gold and iron ore mining. It drills holes with a diameter of 152 - 229 millimeters (6 - 9 inches) down to a maximum depth of up to 63 meters (208 feet). This blasthole drill rig offers easy maintenance and repairs for applications where availability and reliability are critical.


  • Open in-line engine design for easy maintenance and serviceability
  • Compact, powerful drilling platform for stability and support
  • Durable design for low operating costs and superior longevity
  • Excellent visibility for a productive operator environment
  • Effective pipe handling for shorter lead times and increased productivity
Technical data
Engine power range469 - 522 kW
Max hole depthup to 63 m
Dimension (L-W-H)10,300 x 4,978 x 16,040 mm
Dimension mast down (L-W-H)14,200 x 3,810 x 4,450 mm
Width shipping
Hole diameter162 - 222 mm
Operating weight (empty)47,726 kg
Rotary head194 rpm / 8,221 Nm
Maximum rpm / torque
First pass depth (single-pass)8.7 m
Compressor range1,000 - 1,160 m3 / min
Drilling techniqueDTH


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