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MF 320 Borer miner

Sandvik MF320 is a crawler-mounted borer miner designed to drive entries and headings and mine rooms as fast as haulage equipment can remove material to the main haulage. This full-face machine is specially engineered to cut and deliver material to the rear of the machine in a single continuous operation. It is an ideal choice for potash, trona, and salt mining.


  • Long-lasting components for low cost of ownership and more uptime
  • Operates with high availability, resulting in low maintenance costs
  • Radio remote control available for better visibility and flexibility
  • On-board Sandvik roof bolting rigs ensure safe operation
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H)12,400 x 5,100 x 3,100 mm
Engine power990 kW
Number of rotors2
Machine coverage3,300V/50Hz


Sandvik Mining: World Trade Center, Tower C, 15th floor, Strawinskylaan 1545, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands. email:

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