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Wheel Loader L507 Stereo

The L 507 is part of the Stereoloader range. Depending on the structure, these machines are particularly manoeuvrable and distinguish themselves via their compact and clear design, as well as extremely calm travel characteristics. With these qualities, the L 507 Stereo is ideal for carrying out various applications.

The design principle of the stereoloader is characterised by the following features: A combination of centre-pivot and rear wheel steering for a tight turning radius and optimum stability. A combination of oscillating frame articulation and oscillating axle for reduced oscillation of cab and operator, and thus relaxed and smooth operation. A wide range of operating attachments which can be mounted to suit any application.

Tipping load : 3,501 kg, Bucket capacity : 0.9 - 1.6 m³, Operating weight : 5,240 kg, Engine output : 48 kW/65 HP

Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH 
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