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The Asphalt Mixer is designed for mixing Asphalt samples that can be used for mechanical tests as for example compaction, indirect tensile, Marshall etc.The bituminous mix must be prepared at prescribed temperature for this reason the mixer can equipped with ...
<p>The centrifuge extractor is used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures.</p>
The Ductility Testing Machine used for determining the ductility of bituminous materials by measuring the elongation of briquette mould with molten bitumen in it.
The Marshall Stability Machine is used to determine the load and flow values of bituminous mixtures.<br>
The Reflux Extractor is used for the determination of quantitative amount of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples.<br>
The Vacuum Pyknometer is a 10 ltr, 6000 gr capacity unit used in the Rice Test to determine the maximum specific gravity of bituminous. A transparent cover for easy observation of sample testing, perforated plastic shelf, water inlet valve and tube, quick ...
The Vialit Plate Adhesion Apparatus is designed to assess the adhesion property of aggregates to bitumen. The apparatus consists of a metal basement with three vertical pointed rods to hold the test plate; vertical rod 50 cm high with a shot at the upper end ...