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"Geotechnical Testing Equipment, we have been providing our clients with the most appropriate and tailored test solutions and instrumentation for their very specific needs for over 10 years.
Our Equipment is used for both research and development, and quality control applications to test the strength, elasticity, durability and properties of building materials.
Our commitment and entrepreneurial spirit has made Geotechnical Testing Equipment a leading brand in the material testing industry. The company is both based and registered in the United Kingdom, 40 miles North of London, in Buckinghamshire.
Geotechnical Testing Equipment has enjoyed expansive growth in recent years, as a result of expanding into a global arena..."


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The vebe test is a variation of the simple slump test where the concrete is subject to vibration after removal from the slump cone to determine the workability of fresh concrete.
<p>The Vicant Apparatus is used for determining setting time and consistency of cement by Vicat Method.</p>
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The AAV Abrasion Machine provides a measure of the resistanceof aggregate to surface wear by abrasion, it consists of a flat circular cast iron grinding lap 600 mm dia which rotates in a horizontal plane at a speed of 28/30 r.p.m.<br>
Abrasion Testing Machine is designed to determine the resistance to abrasion and wear of natural stones and concrete products. The abrasion wheel is 70 mm thick and rotates with speed of 75 r.p.m. The machine is equipped with digital counter which stops the ...
The Accelerated Polishing Machine is used to measure the resistance of road stone to the polishing action of vehicle tires on a road surface.
<p>The Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine air content of fresh concrete. The meter measures up to 22% entrained air with an accuracy of ±0.25% at full scale. It is appropriate for aggregates size of maximum 50mm.</p>
The Asphalt Mixer is designed for mixing Asphalt samples that can be used for mechanical tests as for example compaction, indirect tensile, Marshall etc.The bituminous mix must be prepared at prescribed temperature for this reason the mixer can equipped with ...
The Automatic Compactor is made of a rugged construction to withstand work. It provides a consistent and even degree of compaction. The Compactor comprises of a compaction pedestal, automatic control system, secure base of 300 mm square x 25 mm thick steel ...
The Automatic mixer is perfect to mix mortars and cement material according to the required standards. The mixer is very rigid and durable with a planetary motion for its paddle. The mixer is electronically controlled; it has two different speeds that can ...
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The Automatic Soil Compactors is designed to provide a uniform compaction of Standard, Modified and CBR specimens assuring conformity with the reference standard. The Compactor is equipped with programmable digital counter which allows machine to stop at the ...