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India’s women geologists are rocking it

A hammer and compass in hand, India’s women geologists are literally rocking it. Notwithstanding the dangers of remote environments, encounters with wild animals, limited access to toilets and the occasional “detention” by left-wing extremists in disturbed areas, these women of the Geological Survey of India have evened out the odds to carve out success stories.

Now standing tall at 40 per cent of total workforce at India’s premier geological survey body, they do not hesitate to get their hands dirty.

Forty-year-old Kasturi Chakraborty, a petrologist, says it’s a good time for women to chase a career in geology.

“Earlier, women were mostly associated with lab work in geology. Now the mindset has changed and we are seeing more and more women on the field. Interest in the field is gender neutral… one has to harbour a love for nature,” Chakraborty, Superintending Geologist, Petrology Division, Eastern Region, GSI, told IANS here.

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