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Cosmos Magazine   16 November 2018   Australia  
<p>Across the globe, countries are figuring out how to bring plants and animals back to abandoned mines. With as many as 60,000 such sites, Australia could offer important lessons. Bianca Nogrady reports.</p>
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Science Alert   14 November 2018   Greenland  
<p>In the far North of the globe, hidden under continental sheet ice nearly a kilometre thick, geologists have found evidence that, not so long ago, Greenland was rocked by a collision with a massive meteorite.<br />The proof? A huge impact crater, 31 kilometres ...
Euronews   12 November 2018   Brazil   Niteroi  
<p>Rescuers are searching for survivors of a mudslide in Brazil that has left at least ten people dead including a child. At least four people are still missing. It happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Niteroi area outside the capital Rio ...
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Express   09 November 2018   Norway   Jan Mayen  
<p>A STRONG earthquake has hit by a Norwegian volcanic island called Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean, measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale.<br />The quake took place 10km deep and 722km from Akureyri, Iceland.There is no yet known information of whether the quake ...
FORBES   07 November 2018   Mexico  
<p>Teotihuacan, translated from the Aztec language as "birthplace of the gods," or "place where gods were born," was an important religious and cultural center during the Aztec empire.</p> <p>In 2003, archaeologists discovered an almost 60-foot vertical shaft ...
Business Insider   07 November 2018   USA   California  
<p>In October, the US Geological Survey released a new report detailing the relative threats posed by volcanoes in the United States. It was the first updated threat assessment since 2005, and officials will use the data to prioritize volcanoes for research ...
FOX 4   01 November 2018   USA   Arlington, Texas  
<p>ARLINGTON, Texas - The city of Arlington is preparing for an emergency in case a dam collapses and floods streets.</p> <p>The privately-owned Prestonwood Lake Dam is in a North Arlington neighborhood near Lamar and Green Oaks boulevards. Inspectors reportedly ...
How stuff works   31 October 2018   China  
<p>The world's longest sea-crossing bridge has opened, connecting mainland China to Hong Kong. The 34-mile (55-kilometer) bridge cost $20 billion, took nine years to construct and will reduce travel time between its three terminal locations along the Pearl ...
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ABS-CBN News   31 October 2018   Philippines  
<p>MANILA - Philippine rescue teams worked to free at least 30 people trapped under earth and rubble on Wednesday after a typhoon dumped heavy rainfall on a mountainous region, triggering floods and deadly landslides.<br />Soldiers and disaster agency personnel ...
The Sudney Morning Herald   30 October 2018   New Zealand  
<p>Wellington: A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck New Zealand's North Island on Tuesday, prompting the suspension of Parliament.<br />Residents across the capital Wellington and in the city of New Plymouth were rattled by the 227km-deep tremor.</p>