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Express   21 February 2019   Alaska  
<p>ALASKA has been struck by six earthquakes within only minutes on Thursday, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), sparking fears of bigger tremors shaking the US state in the near future.</p> <p>Six earthquakes rocked the ground across Alaska this ...
Express   20 February 2019   Indonesia   Sumatra  
<p>Indonesia has been rattled by a series of earthquakes in a matter of just 24 hours. An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 shook Ternate, North Maluka Province on Wednesday at 7.10am (12.10am GMT). The epicentre of the quake was located some 130km southwest of ...
BBC NEWS   19 February 2019   North Sea  
<p>The Rattray Volcanic Province had been thought to contain empty magma chambers, making it unsuitable for oil formation.<br />As a result, the 7,000 sq km area of the central North Sea was dismissed as a potential area for exploration.<br />But geologists ...
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Bloomberg Opinion   19 February 2019   World  
<p>It&rsquo;s taken two tragedies in just over three years, but the mining industry is finally starting to clean up its act. <br />Brazil&rsquo;s government Monday announced plans to ban upstream tailings dams, a low-cost method of storing mining waste implicated ...
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Yorkshire Coast Radio News   18 February 2019   UK  
<p>An 1,800 tonne tunnel boring machine to construct the tunnel from Whitby to Teesside as part of the Sirius Minerals' project has arrived.<br />The main parts of the 225-metre-long machine arrived at AV Dawson&rsquo;s Heavy Lift Port on the Teesside Docks ...
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Express   11 February 2019   USA   California  
<p>CALIFORNIA will eventually be struck by a huge earthquake that could have catastrophic effects. But when will the Big One hit?</p>
Aljazeera   11 February 2019   South Africa   Johannesburg  
<p>In the midst of Johannesburg are mountains of sandy dirt - tall, geometric, and as much a part of the landscape as the city's glittering skyline.<br />Winds stir up dust from the dunes and carry it to nearby homes where it settles on roofs, roads, and areas ...
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France24   08 February 2019   Italy   Genoa  
<p>Experts start the delicate task of taking apart Genoa's Morandi motorway bridge on Friday almost six months after its partial collapse during a storm killed 43 people and injured dozens.<br />Thousands of tonnes of steel, concrete and asphalt have already ...
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Railway -   06 February 2019   World  
<p>In the sprawling metropolises of Tokyo, London and Paris, urban metro networks are vital for keeping things moving, but laying out these complex systems intuitively for passengers is no easy feat. Which metros have the most complicated network and how have ...
YouTube, Guardian News   04 February 2019  
<p>A video aired on Brazilian media shows the exact moment a dam burst in Brazil on 25 January. The dam break at an iron ore mining complex operated by the minerals firm Vale killed at least 65 people. A further 279 are missing.</p>