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The Guardian   07 June 2023   Ukraine   Kherson  
<p>Satellite images from Ukraine have revealed the extent of the flooding in the country&rsquo;s south, after the region&rsquo;s Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric station were largely destroyed.<br />The critical dam, which lies along the Dnipro River in Ukraine&rsquo;s ...
CNN   04 June 2023   India   Bihar  
<p>A four-lane concrete bridge being built across the River Ganges in the east Indian state of Bihar has collapsed for the second time in just over a year, once again raising questions about the quality of its construction.<br />Video shows the 3-kilometer ...
BBC NEWS   16 May 2023   Africa   Chad  
<p>My eyes lifted up towards a rocky ledge carved into a sandstone cliff in the heart of Chad's Ennedi Massif. I saw a face, then, as my eyes adjusted to the gloam, another appeared. Painted in bright ochre and white, men were riding camels and giant cows ...
CNN   02 May 2023   India   Kashmir  
<p>India is now home to the world&rsquo;s tallest railway bridge. Some 35 meters (over 10 feet) taller than the Eiffel Tower, the Chenab Bridge sits 359 meters (around 109 feet) above the Chenab River in India&rsquo;s contentious Jammu and Kashmir region.<br ...
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Tunneling Journal   26 April 2023   Greece   athens  
<p>This year&rsquo;s World Tunnelling Congress (WTC 2023) will be held in the historic capital of Greece, Athens. Themed &lsquo;Expanding Underground&rsquo;, the event will run from 12 to 18 May at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre in the ...
CNN   11 April 2023   Russia   Kamchatka region  
<p>CNN &mdash; The Shiveluch volcano erupted early Tuesday morning in Russia&rsquo;s far eastern Kamchatka region, spewing ash up to 20 kilometers above sea level, according to the local branch of the Russia Academy of Sciences (RAS) Geophysical Survey.<br ...
BBC NEWS   03 April 2023   Colombia   Nevado del Ruiz  
<p>Families living on the upper slopes of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia are being evacuated after an increase of seismic activity.<br />Colombia's Geological Service (SGC) has raised the alert level from yellow to orange, warning that an eruption ...
Travel & Leasure   02 April 2023   USA   Grand Canyon, Arizona  
<p>Millions of years of geological history can be seen in the bands of red rock that make up the Grand Canyon. In addition to offering a peek into Earth&rsquo;s long history, the Grand Canyon is an impressive sight &mdash; it is around a mile deep and an average ...
ekathimerini-com   28 March 2023   Greece   athens  
<p>The first of two massive tunnel borers that will be put to work on the extension of the Athens metro is being assembled, the president of Attiko Metro SA announced on Tuesday.</p>
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BBC NEWS   23 March 2023   Austria   Alps  
<p>As the frozen "glue" that helps hold the rock faces of the Alps together begins to thaw, mountaineers face a growing risk of sudden rockfall.</p>