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Here Are 2022’s 12 Most Mind-Blowing Archaeological Discoveries, From Ancient Lice Combs to the World’s Oldest Mummies

Artnet News   21 December 2022   World  

It’s perhaps our favorite time of year at Artnet News, when we look back through 12 months of coverage to revisit the best, most exciting stories that have graced our pages. As always, we especially like to revisit our archaeology archives to identify the most astounding, headline-making discoveries that transfixed our readers.
Sifting through a year’s worth of archaeological news, there were no shortage of candidates from 2022.
There were long-lost tombs uncovered during renovations of Notre Dame in Paris, the mosaic floors upon which Santa Claus—well okay, St. Nicholas—once trod, multiple hordes of ancient coins (often found thanks to amateurs armed with metal detectors, but also once by a badger), and the latest discoveries in the Amazon thanks to LiDAR, the laser-powered gift that keeps on giving.

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