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This paper summarizes the initial testing programs and the final production work at the site of a shallow soil mixing for stabilization - solidification of a disposal pond. Various testing was performed at all phases of the project for mix optimization, quality ...
Reference: Environmental Innovations in the Metals Industry for the 21st Century, Pittsburg, 1998
This innovative combination of conventional grout curtain design with the more recent advances in grouting materials and monitoring technology yielded a vertical barrier providing significantly reduced permeability of the underlying bedrock in accordance with ...
Reference: ASCE Geotechnical Engineering Congress 1991
This paper presents analysis for data obtained from the extensive project test program, verification section and production work of twin stem jet grouting system.
Reference: ASCE Geotechnical and Construction Division Special Conference, 1989
Excavation for a cut and cover highway tunnel underpass was designed and constructed using deep soil mixing in order to limit ground movements.
This paper describes a case study on the design, construction and performance of an underground soil - cement - bentonite barrier wall, which was used to isolate river water seeping into the American River levee and its foundation soils.
The consideration and use of in situ reactive wall groudwater treatment systems on remediation projects continues to gain acceptance. Such systems are attractive due to their low initial capital costs and their minimal operation and maintenance cost compared ...
This paper summarizes, design considerations for slurry wall backfill mixes based on site conditions and performance requirements. Typical design mixes utilizing various combinations of soil, bentonite, attabulgite bentonite, cement, slag cement and a variety ...
This paper evaluates several solidification/stabilization methodologies, discusses their advantages and limitations, and provides a general overview of the solidification/stabilization process including: initial bench-scale testing full-scale implementation ...
This paper summarizes the initial testing programs and the final production work at the site. Extensive testing was performed throughout all phases of the project. This testing was performed for the purpose of mix optimization, quality assurance, and verification ...
The use of soil mixing for providing stabilization of soft or loose soils has been successfully applied for liquefaction mitigation, steel reinforced retaining walls, groundwater cutoff walls, etc.