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<p>In this paper are presented measurements of the elastic and poroelastic (both drained and undrained) propertiesof intact Berea sandstone at confining pressures up to 50 MPa and differential stresses from 0 to 120 MPa.Tests were carried out under axisymmetric ...
Reference: "Electronic Proc. 16th ASCE Engin. Mech. Conf., U. Washington, Seattle, WA, July 16-18"
<p>This chapter summarizes experimental observations and related theoretical developments of faulted and intact rock properties related to earthquake mucleation, failure and dynamic slip.</p>
Reference: International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, pp. 505-537
<p>Porosity, density and strength measurements were conducted on rock samples collected from the Hayward Fault region in Northern California as part of the Hayward Fault Working Group's efforts to create a working model of the Hayward Fault.</p>
Reference: U.S.G.S, Open-File Report 01-421
<p>The 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu (Kobe) earthquake, M=7.2, ruptured the Nojima fault. We have studied core samples taken from two scientific drillholes which crossed the fault zone in the epicentral region on Awagi island.</p>
Reference: "Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Nojima Fault Core and Borehole Analysis, USGS Open-file Report 00-129