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<p>Large-amplitude surface waves from the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake triggered many seismic events across Japan, while the smaller amplitude P-wave triggering remains unclear. A spectral method was used to detect seismic events triggered by the first arriving ...
Reference: Earth Planets Space, 64, 1223–1229, 2012
<p>Remote triggering of small low-frequency seismic tremor (non-volcanic tremor) near the seismic-aseismic transition zone of subduction zones, by surface waves from large distant earthquakes, has been reported in southwest Japan and the Cascadia region. Recent ...
Reference: Earth Planets Space, 60, e17–e20, 2008
In this paper is investigated the old seismograms of several earthquakes which occurred offshore of Miyagi prefecture in 1933 (June 18, 21:37 UT), 1936 (Nov. 2, 20:45 UT), 1937 (July 26, 19:56 UT), 1978 (June 12, 08:14 UT), and 2005 (Aug. 16, 02:46 UT).
Reference: Earth Planets Space, 58, 1533-1541, 2006