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The North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ) below the Sea of Marmara forms a "seismic gap" where a major earthquake is expected to occur in the near future. This segment of the fault lies between the 1912 Ganos and 1999 Izmit ruptures and is the only NAFZ segment ...
Reference: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 114, B09302, doi:10.1029/2008JB006244, 2009
In this study is presented a catalogue of Izmit aftershock hypocenters that was deduced froma network covering the entire 140 km long rupture of the mainshock
Reference: Adv. Geosci., 14, 85-92, 2008
<p>In this paper is investigated aftershock focal mechanisms of the Mw=7.4 Izmit earthquake of 17 August 1999, on the western North Anatolian Fault Zone (Bohnhoff et al., 2006).</p>
Reference: Scientific Drilling, Special Issue No.1, 2007