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This paper presents recommendations for selecting the type and magnitude of drained shear strength parameters for analysis of landslides. In particular, the importance, existence, and use of the cohesion shear strength parameter is reviewed. For slope stability analyses, it is recommended that the shear strength be modeled using a stress dependent failure envelope or a friction angle that corresponds to the average effective normal stress acting on the slip surface passing through that particular material instead of using a combination of cohesion and friction angle to represent soil shear strength. Other recommendations for stability analyses include using an effective stress cohesion of zero for residual and  fully softened strength situations. To facilitate selection of shear strength parameters for landslide analyses, empirical relationships for the drained residual and fully softened strengths are updated from the previous empirical relationships presented by Stark and Eid. Finally, the paper presents torsional ring shear test results that indicate that pre-existing shear surfaces exhibit self-healing that results in increased shear resistance. The magnitude of healing appears to increase with increasing soil plasticity, and this increase could have implications for the size, timing, and cost of landslide remediation. 
Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Vol. 131, No. 5, May 1, 2005
University of Ilinois, USA
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Chrysanthos on Apr 21, 2013
This is among the leading technical papers regarding the issue of slope stability in stiff fissured clays. It has two very interesting empirical correlation graphs. One for secant fully softened friction angle versus liquid limit, clay fraction and effective stress and a second for residual friction angle again versus the same other parameters. These empirical graphs can be used for preliminary evaluation of slopes in a stability analysis or to check laboratory tests results. Anybody dealing with slope stability analysis in stiff fissured clays must read this paper.