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Limit loads on finite layers of weak soil over a rigid base are analyzed using the upper bound approach. The soil is considered cohesive, and the Tresca yield condition is used to describe its strength. Strength increasing with depth is considered, and different strengths of the base interface are accounted for. The analysis is performed having the design of embankments in mind, and it makes it possible to account for the arbitrary horizontal component of the load generated by the horizontal thrust in the embankment. Results are compared to the lower bound solutions of particular cases available in the literature. Even though the upper bound approach was used, the solutions presented fall very close to the lower bound solutions. The advantage of the solutions presented in this paper is in easier calculations of bearing capacity, especially when the soil strength increases with depth, and in accounting for the arbitrary horizontal load transmitted from the embankment to the foundation soil. A proposal for arriving at critical heights of both unreinforced and reinforced embankments is given.

SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS Vol. 33, No. 1, 155-168, Mar. 1993 Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
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