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A systematic program of testing of different reinforcement systems has been undertaken since 2004. Potentiometers, load cells, accelerometers and high speed video are used to monitor the tests. Software has been developed to analyse the data. The results from the analyses are presented in the form of displacement, velocity, acceleration and force variations with time for all components involved in a test and a force-displacement response and energy absorption capacity for the reinforcement system. The results from the testing program have resulted in the compilation of a database of force-displacement responses to different dynamic loading conditions. The results from a number of the reinforcement systems tested are presented and discussed. Assessments are made in regard to the likely effectiveness of these reinforcement systems when subjected to dynamic loading resulting from the violent failure of overstressed rock.
6th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction, an ISRM-Sponsored Regional Symposium
Western Australia School of Mines
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