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Slope is an exposed ground surface that stands at an angle with the horizontal. Slopes are required in the construction of highway and railway embankments, earth dams, levees, canals etc., and are generally less expensive. Failure of natural slopes and man-made slopes has resulted in much death and destruction. Slope stability analysis consists of determining and comparing the shear stress developed along the potential rupture surface with the shear strength of the soil. Attention has to be paid to surface drainage,
groundwater, and the shear strength of soils in assessing slope stability. For a safe slope FOS should be greater than 1. The advent of electronic computers made it possible to more readily handle the iterative procedures and the use of slope stability software has simplified the analysis to a great extent. In the present study the software SLOPE/W has been used to analyze the homogeneous slope for various cohesive strengths.

201 4 International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering IPCBEE vol. 62 ( 2014) © (2014 ) IACSIT Press, Singapore
P. E. S. College of Engineering, Mandya
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