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Tempi Valley is the last remaining bottleneck along the Athens - Thessaloniki
motorway. 20’000 cars are passing the 8 km long gorge each day.
After two consectutive rockfall events, in which one more person lost their
live, the Agean Motorway SA closed the road in agreement with the ministry
of street. The Olympia Joint Venture signed a contract with Geobrugg
to execute emergeny rockfall mitigation measures with the aim to reopen
the road for two weeks during easter time. The remaing part of the works
was to be completed by the end of May 2010.
In order to meet the deadline, a team of 30 workers, six boomlifts, two truck
cranes, six compressors and a helicopter were necessary.

TECCO® Slope Stabilization, SPIDER® Mesh and Rockfall Barriers Tempi Valley / Greece Photo documentation / May 2010
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