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This report explores the significance of the resilient modulus property, various methods of determining this property of subsoils and unbound bases, and the application of this parameter in the mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide.
Filed under: Pavement -  Pavement Design
Reference: NCHRP Synthesis 382, TRB
<p>In this paper the results of SPT and PLT tests on gravely soils of Tehran alluvium are evaluated. Due to the results obtained the correlation between SPT results (N1) 60 and modulus of subgrade reaction (Ks) are also presented for gravely soils. The complete ...
Reference: IAEG2006
The theories of vertical and horizontal subgrade reaction are based on the simplifying assumptions that the subgrade obeys Hooke's law, and that the subgrade reaction on the base of a rigid centrally loaded plate resting on the horizontal surface of the subgrade ...
Reference: Géotechnique, Volume 5, Issue 4, 01 December 1955, pages 297–326