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This paper presents the influence of lime, in the range of 0–13%, on the compaction behaviour of soils with wide range of plasticity characteristics (i.e. liquid limit varying from 45% to 460% and plastic limit 26% to 53.7%). The test results indicate that ...
Reference: IGC 2009, Guntur, INDIA
<p>The specifications, plans, and standard sheets state the requirements of embankment construction in precise terms. This guide is intended to describe less technically and hopefully, more understandably; how to construct an embankment. The guide discusses:</p> <p><br ...
Filed under: Soil Mechanics -  Earthworks
Soil moisture monitoring systems involving correlations with soil dielectric content measured using WCR (water content reflectometer) probes are susceptible to lightning-induced errors during field monitoring programs. These errors must be understood and corrected ...
Reference: Vadose Zone Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2, May, 2006