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<p>The response of surface foundations to large overturning moments is studied under undrained conditions. Rigid circular, strip, and rectangular footings of various aspect ratios are considered, with the soil modeled as an inelastic homogeneous deposit, characterized ...
Reference: Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
A theoretical model predicting the pore pressure change necessary for liquefaction failure of saturated soil masses in undrained conditions is assessed. It is shown that a threshold pore pressure, ut, derived<br>from the Mohr Coulomb failure criterion when ...
Reference: The 10th IAEG International Congress, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 6-10 September 2006, paper number 159
<p>In 1984 an embankment instability occurred in a dike recently heightened in stages. After the instability an extensive research program has been set up to back analyze the settlements and the pore pressures measured during construction, focussing especially ...
Filed under: Soil Mechanics -  Earthworks
Reference: Beyond 2000 in Computational Geotechnics - 10 Years of Plaxis, Balkema, Rotterdam, 1999