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RocSupport is an analysis tool for estimating the support requirements of tunnels in weak rock. Rock-support interaction analysis allows you to quickly run parametric analyses for different support types and rock parameters. It can provide valuable information about various tunnel support options before a detailed analysis is carried out.

Ground reaction curve: Estimate deformation of circular excavations in weak rock and calculate in-situ stress conditions, rock and support parameters, and ground and support reaction curves to determine factor of safety for the support system. By applying a strength reduction factor, obtain a ground reaction curve and monitor long-term tunnel behaviour.

Support options: You can either choose from a library of predefined supports using the manufacturer’s specifications or install combinations of Rockbolts, Steelsets or Custom supports. Have the flexibility to define support installation by the percentage of tunnel convergence or displacement.

Deterministic or probabilistic analysis: Using the convergence-confinement analysis, determine the probability of failure for probabilistic models and computes the factor of safety with deterministic analysis. By assigning statistical distributions easily model changing behaviour in tunnel radius, in-situ stress, and rock material properties.

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