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UnWedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities. It analyzes intersecting discontinuities for tunnel excavation projects and provides visualization of models in 3D. SWedge defines the stability of tetrahedral wedges formed along the tunnel perimeter and ends, calculates support requirements for each to accomplish factor of safety designs and creates wedge models, based on the effects of shear strength, water, field stress and supports.

Probabilistic analysis: Using the limit equilibrium method, analyze probability of failure and assign statistical distributions to variables to model variability in joint orientation, strength, water pressure, field stress and support requirements.

Support designer: UnWedge provides specialized views for adding, editing, and visualizing perimeter and end supports. You can effortlessly design factor of safety by adding supports like pattern or spot bolts, layers of shotcrete and uniform pressure to boundary.

Integrates with:
Dips: This integration allows you to import orientation data and set statistics from Dips into UnWedge for Deterministic, or Probabilistic Analysis. Directly import Fisher K set statistics into UnWedge for sampling Dip/Dip Direction of joints in a Probabilistic Analysis. By transferring and assigning statistical distributions to your orientation data from Dips to UnWedge, obtain the probability of failure for your rock models faster.

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