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StoneC v.5.0 – Vibro replacement design software

StoneC is an easy to use vibro replacement design software (stone columns). Vibro replacement is an accepted method for subsoil improvement, that is achieved with the installation of large columns of coarse backfill material  in the ground, using special vibrators.
StoneC was tested for accuracy by The Vibroflotation Group and was found to perform well.

Main Characteristics
-Performs vibro replacement design calculations according to the method described by Priebe
-Supports both rectangular and triangular stone columns grid installation patterns.
-Different stone columns diameters in every subsoil layer
-Imports soil layer sections from our CPT interpretation software CPeT-IT
-Foundation type can be rectangular or circular
-Performs settlements calculation according to DIN 4019 for vertical and centric loads
-Performs bearing capacity calculations according to the method described by Priebe with and without the partial factors from Eurocode 7 (Final EN 1997-1:2004)
-Generates an extensive report of the results
-Supports both SI and Imperial unit systems

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