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UniSettle 4.0

A software application specifically developed to assist engineers in performing stress and settlement calculations involving complex load combinations and site conditions.  
Features and Advantages:
-Developed for Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), it is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3.
-UniSettle 4.0 is server side compatible and can be run within the limited privileges of Microsoft Windows standard user accounts.
-All input and results may be entered and converted to Customary US or SI units on the fly.
-Stress distribution is calculated according to Boussinesq, Westergaard, or 2:1 methods and combines the effects of loading and unloading.
-Loads can be subjected to uniform or non-uniform stress distribution. Stresses can be from a combination of point, line, circular, triangular, rectangular, polygon, or embankment type loads.
-A time period applicable to individual load, excavation, and pore pressure profile is specified. This allows for the modeling of real site conditions over time.
-Settlement is determined using conventional Cc-e0 approach, E-modulus, or Janbu tangent modulus method. Multi-layered soil profile can be entered including pore water gradients.
-Calculates immediate, consolidation and secondary settlement.
-Settlement vs time is calculated using Terzaghi one-dimensional consolidation theory and/or vertical drains.
-Calculation of stresses and settlements may be performed at multiple mesh points simultaneously.
-The soil layers can be preconsolidated as expressed by either a constant or an OCR-value. Preconsolidation can vary within a soil layer.
-All results are presented in tabular and graphical form. These can be exported to Excel format or Tab-delimited text format for further manipulation and reporting.
-UniSettle 4.0 is distributed with a context sensitive help file, a user manual, and a manual that includes 8 comprehensive examples.

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