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Software by  GeoStru Software  
<p>Software for the computation of bearing capacity on loose or rocky soils, according Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Vesic, Brinch-Hansen, Richards et. Al, Meyerhof and Hanna (1978) and computation of bearing capacity factors. Settlements: Elastic (Timoshenko ...
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>FEM &ndash; Consolidation is used to perform time dependent settlement analysis under foundations, embankments and surface loads (surcharges) for multiple construction stages. Consolidation is an extension module of the FEM program for analysis of geotechnical ...
Software by  Adama Engineering  
<p>FoSSA (2.0) is an interactive program for assessing stresses and settlements under embankment and footings acting on horizontal ground surfaces.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program is used to determine vertical settlement and time-dependent consolidation of soils under embankments, foundations, earth dams and surface loads (surcharges).</p>
Software by  GGU  
The GGU-CONSOLIDATE program system allows the analysis of one-dimensional consolidation processes in single and multi-layered systems.
Software by  Oasys  
<p>Quickly and accurately predict soil displacement due to load.<br /><br />Pdisp is for engineers who need software for soil displacement analysis, soil settlement calculations and soil displacement design. Pdisp offers a quicker and more accurate way to ...
Software by  NovoTech Software Ltd  
<p>Peysanj is a series of geotechnical engineering modules such as bearing capacity and settlement, pressure-meter test, plate loading test, soil liquefaction analysis, etc bundled as single software.</p>
Software by  Ensoft, Inc.  
<p>The computer program SETOFF analyzes foundation settlement of both, shallow and deep foundations, using commonly-accepted procedures. The total settlement of a foundation is generally composed of two parts, elastic and consolidation settlement. Elastic ...
Software by  RocScience  
<p>Settle3 is one of the leading programs for three-dimensional soil settlement analysis and has been used in numerous civil engineering projects worldwide. It performs soil settlement analysis of embankments, foundations, soil surface loads and allows 3D ...
Software by  SoilStructure  
<p>After more than 6 months of research, review of more than 18 books and months of programming routines, SoilStructure Software is pleased to announce the release of SETTLEMENT ANALYSIS Software.<br />Soil Settlement Analysis is complex and left for the experienced ...