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EasyLog: Borehole Log Software

Like most good ideas, EasyLog, Borehole Log Software, was conceived as a result of personal need. Because of the generalist nature of our professional careers, we wanted a logging program that fulfilled the following functions:

Versatility: This program is designed to be used by professionals in environmental science, mining, petroleum, and geotechnical fields. EasyLog combines, in one program, the ability to log borings, test pits, and to diagram monitoring wells. Aside from maps and chemical analysis, these represent the major attachments to most professional geological or engineering reports.

Report Quality Output: Twenty years ago in a beginning field geology class, I learned a valuable lesson. Our first assignment was to draft and describe a geologic column of a local road cut. Although I worked very hard at the outcrop and understood the geology, my drafting skills were poor. Students that spent less time on content, but created a more sophisticated presentation, made a better grade. Neatness counts - maybe more than it should.

Ease of Use: In today's work environment, not only does neatness count, but time counts. The pressure on professionals to increase their output has never been greater. The least painful way to increase output is to use better tools. We looked at other logging programs on the market and found them hard to learn, cumbersome, and expensive. EasyLog, Borehole Log Software, has a straightforward "fill in the blank" format and can immediately be used productively by even the most computer impaired among us.

USA, California
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