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Software tagged with [core logging]

Core logging is the procedure of observing and recording the characteristics of the cores extracted from a borehole. The descriptions of core logging are based on various standards depending on the requirements of each project.

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Software by  Geosysta Ltd  
<p>Drillysis is a cloud based <strong>borehole log database</strong>, which can be accessed from any device (PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone) from anywhere, requiring just an internet connection.</p> <p>Drillysis in its core is a <strong>borehole log application</strong>, ...
Software by  EasySolve Software LLC  
<p>Like most good ideas, EasyLog, Borehole Log Software, was conceived as a result of personal need. Because of the generalist nature of our professional careers, we wanted a logging program that fulfilled the following functions:<br /><br /><strong>Versatility</strong>: ...