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Software by  RockWare  
ChemStat is the easiest and fastest application available for the statistical analysis of ground water monitoring data at RCRA facilities.
Software by  SGS Canada Inc.  
<p>Genesis Logger utility is a Microsoft&reg; Access based utility that provides the framework for a fully integrated geological database. In addition to storing the geological information in a structured and interconnected manner, Genesis Logger sports a ...
Geostatistical routines in MineSight Basis are available for interpolation and simulation of model values. From Ordinary Kriging through to Uniform Conditioning, there is a wide set of advanced interpolation tools.
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Software by  RockWare  
Oriana for Windows calculates the special forms of sample and inter-sample statistics required for circular data (e.g. angles or directions measured in degrees, time of day, day of week, month of year, etc.).
<p>This program is a companion to our Quality Control-Concrete database software. QC-Statistics produces a complete mix performance document featuring statistical reports following ACI standards for minimum required average strength determination. Use on major ...
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<p>SIMSTAT is an easy-to-use and powerful statistical program that performs a wide variety of statistical analyses. It plots hi-resolution graphs and has a powerful batch command language for automating analyses. It also has an innovative Results Notebook ...
MineSight Torque manages drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The data is fully integrated with other MineSight products for coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation, statistics, and display.
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