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Mintec started life as a small consulting company in 1970. Founder and chairman Fred Banfield applied his expertise in mine engineering with his passion for computers to help companies with mine modeling and design. Source:

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These functions are available to interactively manipulate solid, surface, and polygon data in the MineSight 3D CAD environment. Generation of mining cuts for open pit mining and drillhole spearing, coding, and point functions are also included.
Design pits using the MineSight 3D Pit Expansion tool:Dump, dyke, spoil design Pit expansion: upward or downward, inward or outwardVariable berm widthsSimple face and pit slopesComplex face slopes, pit slopes, and berms defined by wall azimuth or model codeRoad, ...
3D Functions for Underground layout and design. Plan underground blast patterns with the Ring Design tool, and design vertical openings, by lift, with the Vertical Opening Tool.
Advanced geology functions in MineSight 3D including the Geomap Tool, Geomap Editor, and True Thickness Tool.
The Blast Pattern Editor is fully integrated with MineSight 3D to provide complete design and management of blastholes and blast patterns for open pit mines. Designed holes can be then used in short term planning, drill & blast, and reconciliation.
MineSight Packages begin with MineSight Core. MineSight Core supplies functions for creating, managing, manipulating, and displaying MineSight data.
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MineSight Data Analyst analyzes, evaluates, and reports on project drillhole, blasthole, and model data. MineSight Data Analyst processes drillhole, blasthole, and model data (3D block, stratigraphic, surface) with complex statistical and geostatistical programs ...
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MineSight Data Security System organizes and manages MineSight 3D objects to ensure data in large, multi-user environments is managed safely and efficiently. Information is stored in an open database with customized access and permissions for each project ...
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Geostatistical routines in MineSight Basis are available for interpolation and simulation of model values. From Ordinary Kriging through to Uniform Conditioning, there is a wide set of advanced interpolation tools.
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Use MineSight Haulage to create material/routing reports, route profiles, and cycle time files. MineSight Haulage manages detailed equipment and material routing requirements. Used in conjunction with MineSight Interactive Planner, planning engineers can obtain ...