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ABC News   07 January 2018   Papua New Guinea  
<p>A remote island volcano in Papua New Guinea has begun spewing ash into the air, forcing the evacuation of more than 500 residents, media and non-profit groups have said.</p> <p>Kadovar Island, a 365-metre tall volcano on the north coast of PNG, was thought ...
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ABC News   12 October 2017   Japan  
<p>A volcano in southwestern Japan is erupting for the first time in six years, spewing ash over nearby farms, cities and towns.</p> <p>Japanese broadcaster TBS showed elementary school students wearing helmets and masks Thursday on the way to their school ...
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ABC News   12 September 2017   Philippines   Manila  
<p>A tropical depression dumped heavy rains in the Philippines early Tuesday, flooding metropolitan Manila and nearby provinces and causing a landslide that killed two brothers.</p> <p>Five other people remain missing after flash floods swept away a house ...
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ABC News   31 August 2017   India   Mumbai  
<p>A five-story building collapsed in India's financial capital of Mumbai, killing seven people and injuring 13 others on Thursday, after torrential rains lashed the country's west. Another 25 people are feared trapped in the debris.</p> <p>Rescue workers, ...
ABC News   14 June 2017   Bangladesh   Rangamati  
<p>At least 147 people have died in Bangladesh and neighbouring regions of northeast India after heavy rains triggered a series of landslides and extensive flooding, officials said.</p> <p>Densely populated Bangladesh is battered by storms, floods and landslides ...
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ABC News   09 December 2016   Solomon Islands   Oceania  
<p>Residents in Solomon Islands were hit by powerful aftershocks following a magnitude-7.8 earthquake which struck 130 kilometres from the capital Honiara.</p><p>Authorities are starting to receive reports of damage from the earthquake, with police saying ...
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ABC News   17 November 2016   Japan   Asia  
<p>Construction crews recently repaired a 100-foot sinkhole in the Japanese city of Fukuoka in just six days, and the time-lapse video of the repair appears to be soothing the souls of everyone who has been faced with interminable construction projects.</p><p>A ...
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ABC News   05 September 2016   Tel Aviv   Israel  
<p>A multilevel underground parking garage collapsed at a Tel Aviv construction site on Monday, killing at least two people and injuring some 17 others, according to police and rescue workers.</p><p>The midday collapse sent a large plume of dust floating over ...
ABC News   25 April 2016   USA   Colorado Springs  
<p>Recent heavy rains have triggered landslides in Colorado Springs, costing many residents hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to their homes.</p> <p>And many homeowners in the area say they were unaware of the potential risk when they purchased their ...
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ABC News   29 January 2016   USA   Oregon  
<p>A road in Oregon has crumbled away after a huge sinkhole opened up on the other side of the road of where a sinkhole appeared last month, according to police.</p>
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