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<p>There are two models of the Cement Flow Table, Both are used for determining the consistency of mortar, lime and cement specimens.<br>The Manual hand operated model is fitted with a hand wheel. While the motor operated model is driven by a motor speed reducer ...
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<p>HEICO offers two different models of air entrainment meters that is type A and type B for estimation of air content of concrete mixes having different maximum sized aggregates. They are pressure type instruments and use the principle of Boyle s law for ...
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<p>The Automatic Soil Compactor replaces the hand compaction procedure as specified for dry density/moisture content relationship of soil.<br><br><br></p>
<p>Load frame is steel welded fabricaed. It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue.</p>
<p>The California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR Test) is a penetration test developed by California State Highway Department (U.S.A.) for evaluating the bearing capacity of sub grade soil for design of flexible pavement.</p>
<p>Heico compression machine have been designed to accurately measure the compressive, flexure, strength of concrete. Following pages describe various models of HEICO CTM, selection can be made from these models to suit the requirement.</p>
<p>Vicat Apparatus, With Dashpot Confirming to IS : 5513-1976 For determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final setting times of cement. The equipment comprises the following :- i) A frame with a vertically movable rod having ...
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<p>It is a sensitive instrument used to measure the change in distance between two gauge points on either side of the slot and consists of a frame with a handle on one end and a dial gauge of 0.002 mm x 10 mm travel fitted at the other end. The frame carries ...
<p>Variable Flow Type Air Permeability Apparatus (Blaine Type) as per IS : 5516-1969. It is used for determination of fineness of cements, pozzolanas and other powdery materials in terms of specific surface, which is expressed as total surface area in square ...
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<p>The grain size distribution of soil fraction passing through 75 micron IS sieve can be carried out as per IS:2720 (Part-IV) by pipette method or by hydrometer method.</p>