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<p>Atterberg limits is a basic measure of the critical water content of fine-grained soils. These tests include shrinkage limit, plastic limit, and liquid limit, which are outlined in ASTM D4943.</p>
<p>The new C109 Pneumatic Readout is the ideal solution for monitoring all pneumatic transducers, including Piezometers and Total Earth Pressure Cells. A sealed weatherproof case and electronic components allows for the most accurate recordings in even the ...
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<p>The DT2306 Potentiometer Data Logger is a low cost, battery powered data logger, designed for reliable, unattended monitoring of up to 18 potentiometers including multi-point extensometers with potentiometer sensors.</p>
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<p>The DT2350 Load Cell Data Logger is a 2 channel data logger for resistance strain gauge load cells and other strain gauge sensors, pressure transducers, etc. <br><br></p>
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<p>The Vane Shear Set provides a rapid check of the stability of foundations, excavations and trenches in clay.</p>
<p>For soil sampling, construction and more, earth augers are gasoline powered and portable. Using one operator, they allow fast and easy drilling. They feature snap-on or screw-on augers and extensions. Engine mounted on wheel-base carrier keeps motor noise ...
<p>The Road Extensometer is a single point extensometer which determines the stability and movement behavior of traffic road subgrades, when subject to processes such as tunnelling underneath the road. The Road Extensometer can be installed within a 100 mm ...
<p>The Settlement Profiler is used for measuring the settlement profile of a pipe/conduit at discrete points along the profile and also for settlement and vertical movements around tunnels, dams, embankments, roadways, storage tanks, and landfills.</p>