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Portable Tilt Meter

Portable MEMS Tilt Meters are used to measure tilt in either one or two axial planes perpendicular to the surface of the base plate. The analogue or digital DC signal is directly proportional to the sine of angle of tilt. They are used in conjunction with a permanent reference plate which is bolted or bonded to the surface being monitored and the tilt sensor is demountable and moved from plate to plate to take readings.  When not in use, the plates should be shielded from damage. Typically used for applications where a large number of measuring points are to be observed.
Range: ±15° (other ranges on request)
Axis: Biaxial
Resolution (analog): ±5 arc sec.
Resolution (digital): ±2 arc sec.
Non-linearity (analog): ±0.05% F.S.
Non-linearity (digital): ±0.0125% F.S.
Repeatability (analog): ±0.025% F.S.
Repeatability (digital): ±0.0125% F.S.
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium IP-65 enclosure
Weight: 4.710 kg


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