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Measuring Anchors

Measuring Anchors are a combination of a rock bolt and an extensometer and are used to determine the load exerted on rock bolts. They consist of a hollow anchor body, the sectional area and material of which corresponds to that of the rock anchor being monitored. Within the anchor body there are four mini extensometer rods with anchor points at four different locations. Each rod extends up to the top head where changes of length due to extension or compression between each anchor point can be measured using a mechanical dial gauge, VW or potentiometric transducer.
Lengths: 2, 3, 4, 6 metres
Anchor points: 4
Capacity: 250 kN
Range - manual: ± 10mm
Range - VW: ± 10mm
Resolution - manual: 0.01mm
Resolution - VW: 0.01mm
Accuracy - VW: <0.5% FS


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