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HYDLO Hydraulic Load Cell

The HYDLO consists of a sealed cell composed of two plates welded together around the periphery and filled with de-aired oil. The cell is directly connected to a pressure gauge (scale in kPa). The load applied to the cell induces an oil pressure variation, which is sensed by the pressure gauge. The load value in kN can be determined using the table on the calibration sheet. The compact size of the HYDLO makes installation easy, and allows for quick and simple readings.

Two configurations of HYDLO are available. To monitor a tensile load, a hollow center cell enables the passage of an anchor through the cell. To monitor a compressive load, a solid center cell is used. With both of these configurations, remote pressure reading is available by connecting the cell with flexible tubing to a remote vibrating wire or electrical 4–20 mA pressure transducer. This optional feature suits situations where access to the cell is difficult.

The HYDLO can accommodate small inclinations in loading. Larger misalignments should be compensated with the use of spherical seats. Hydraulic load cells are very sensitive to temperature changes. Non-hydraulic cells (e.g. VH & ANCLO) are better suited for applications where significant temperature fluctuations are anticipated.


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