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Autoresonant Sensors (VW) - Model 4500CPR · 8020 · AR Series

Autoresonant Vibrating Wire Sensors expand the possibilities of dynamic monitoring while retaining the inherent long-term stability of Geokon’s line of vibrating wire instruments. Autoresonant sensors are particularly useful where dynamic measurements are required on structures in adverse environments over extended periods of time. Typical applications include the monitoring of wind turbines, bridges, traffic effects and structures that may be subject to earthquake or wind loading. Geokon offers three types of autoresonant sensor. One type uses a custom sensor and an electronic adaptor (Model 4500CPR), another uses the standard vibrating wire sensor and one of two electronic adaptors (Model 8020-42 SCA), and the third type is a custom sensor with internal electronics (AR Series).

4500CPR: Input | ±12 VDC at 50 mA (max)
Output | 4-20 mA; Frequency¹ (−100 Hz dynamic range)
8020-42: Input | +12 VDC at 50 mA (max)
Output | Frequency (−20 Hz dynamic range)
8020-42CPR: Input | +12 VDC at 50 mA (max)
Output | 4-20 mA; Frequency (−20 Hz dynamic range)
4500AR: Input | +12 VDC at 25 mA (max)
Output | Continuous frequency at 5 volt level

¹Open collector output—requires external pull-up termination resistor.



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