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MDT – Loadsensing LS-G6 System

Easily and Comprehensively Measure Geotechnical and Hydrology sensors with the Loadsensing LS-G6 Surface Wireless Data Acquisition System.
The LS-G6 system makes it easy to wirelessly monitor all of your surface sensors in real-time, using readily available and commonly used vibrating wire, digital and analogue geotechnical sensors. This long-range wireless data acquisition system offers many benefits to engineers, especially its ability to provide easily accessible periodic data readings and generate alarms if safety thresholds are exceeded.

Basic Specifications (LS-G6 series)
Dimensions: 145x220x61mm (2-5ch), 145x105x61mm (1ch)
Weight: 1100g (without batteries), 850g (1ch)
Material (housing): Aluminum Alloy
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
IP Rating: IP68 – extended immersion test; 1m/3 days

Features and Benefits
Long Range Communication: Up to 15km range. Can be deployed in almost any location without being limited by signal coverage.
Low Power Requirement: Up to 10 years of unattended operation; no maintenance requirement throughout the lifetime of a project.
Quick & Easy Configuration: The datalogger can be easily accessed from a smartphone or tablet via an Android app.
High Compatibility Levels: Most commonly used geotechnical and hydrology sensors are supported (vibrating wire, digital and analogue).
Fully Wireless System: Cuts out the costs and delays associated with installing and maintaining a cable network.
Robust build: Long-lasting and reliable, even in very harsh operating environments.
Alarm system: Real-time delivery of safety-critical data at user-defined intervals (from every 30 seconds to once every 24 hours) and alarm thresholds create an early warning system to prevent accidents and associated costs.
Web-based interface: Very user-friendly way to monitor sensors, check communication status and download historical data.
Custom Software: Easily monitor topology, sensor network, alarm thresholds, and have access to automatically generated reports (tables, graphs and notes).

Real-time monitoring of geotechnical and hydrology sensors for open-pit mines
Real-time monitoring of tailings dams
Real-time monitoring of structures, dams, and bridges



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