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<p>The GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System is ideal for addressing the rehabilitation challenges of reflective cracking distress on highways, airport aprons, runways and parking lots and dramatically extending pavement life. Roads rehabilitated with the ...
HFD Thrust Fiberglass DowelDowel installation method is simplified to spin, thrust and holdDowel protrusion is eliminatedConical plates function as tension indicators
HFD-T Torque-Tension Fiberglass Dowel- Broad range to cover specific needs in mining- Easy to install, consistent loading capacity- Wide range of plates to suit different equipment and geotechnical conditions
<p>The Model A-6 Flexible Rod Extensometer uses continuous lengths of fiberglass rods (inside protective tubing), cut to customer-specified lengths, coiled at the factory and shipped ready for installation. The extensometer is lightweight, making it easier ...
<p>Ideal for locating buried pipes, tanks and utility lines. Light, non-conductive fiberglass 48" (1219mm) x 0.5" (12.7mm) shaft.</p>