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Brazil announces £11.8bn in concession projects

Brazil’s government has announced an expansion of its investment partnership programme (PPI) with a forecast spend of R$45bn (£11.8bn).

The projects are concentrated in the areas of energy, transportation and sanitation. They comprise auctions, concessions and other operations that will encourage the private sector to invest in building and improving infrastructure across all Brazil’s regions.

Chief minister of the general secretariat of the presidency, Moreira Franco, presented a schedule of new projects during this week’s meeting of the PPI Council. The schedule, along with more clear and defined rules, will provide more predictability to the country, he said. “Stakeholders (be they individuals or companies) need to know what will happen and what rules will apply, especially regarding assurances that these rules will be respected in the future," he said. PPI projects have already started bringing benefits to the population, he said.

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