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World Highways   06 May 2020   Egypt  
<p>A programme of bridge building in Egypt&rsquo;s capital Cairo will improve transport and help cut the chronic congestion in the city. In all, 40 bridges are being built in Cairo, with the project being funded by the Egyptian Government.<br />The programme ...
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Global Construction Review   06 April 2020   Italy   Genoa  
<p>Construction work on the Genoa bridge, a replacement for the structure that collapsed in August 2018 killing 43 people, has been allowed to continue by the Italian government despite the Covid-19 pandemic.<br><br></p>
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CNN   20 February 2020   Switzerland  
<p>(CNN) — Thousands of feet under the Swiss Alps, a new high-speed, high-capacity railway is close to completion.<br>At its heart is the world's longest railway tunnel -- the 35-mile-long (or 57-kilometer) Gotthard Base Tunnel.<br>Everything about this $11.3 ...
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GCR News   13 February 2020  
<p>A scientist working for the Dutch government is to propose building two immense dams to enclose the North Sea and protect some 25 million Europeans from the rising sea levels.<br />One dam would be between Scotland and Norway, with the other between France ...
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The Free Press Journal   30 December 2019   India   Mumbai  
<p>Mumbai will get yet another tunnel boring machine but not for Metro 3 project, this time it will be for coastal road project. Reports have surfaced saying that the city will receive its largest tunnel boring machine from China in February for BMC's coastal ...
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DW   21 November 2019   Germany   Western Germany  
<p>Public traffic flowed for the first time across what is now Germany's second-highest road bridge on Thursday afternoon.<br>The Hochmoselbrücke, or High Mosel Bridge, stretches 1.7 kilometers (1 mile) across and 160 meters (524 feet) above the Mosel River ...
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The Sydney Morning Herald   21 November 2019   Australia   Sydney  
<p>It was a historic moment that passed Sydney by.<br />Without any public fanfare, a giant tunnel boring machine named Kathleen has completed digging the first rail tunnel under Sydney Harbour for a new metro train line.<br />So unremarked has been the occasion ...
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The Peninsula   19 November 2019   Qatar   Doha  
<p>Doha: The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has announced that the trial operation of the Doha Metro's Gold Line will start for the public this Thursday, November 21. The line extends from Ras Bu Abboud Station to Al Aziziyah Station.<br />The ...
Filed under: Construction News   16 November 2019   Australia   Tasmania  
<p>Tasmania, Australia (Urban Transport News): The world-renowned Australian designer and manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machine, TERRATEC has announced the delivery of the first two of three 6.61m diameter Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) for Pune Metro Rail ...
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yle   17 September 2019   Finland  
<p>Ambitious plans by businessman Peter Vesterbacka to dig a pair of rail tunnels below the Gulf of Finland to link Helsinki with Tallinn, Estonia are not economically feasible, according to railway historian, journalist and author Jan-Erik Wiik.<br>Wiik, ...
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