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BAM team unveils hyperloop test track

Europe’s first test facility for a hyperloop transport system has been unveiled.

BAM has worked with the winners of a hyperloop competition to build the 30m-long test facility on the campus of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The project had been announced last month (link opens in new tab).

Hardt, which was founded as a company by a number of the winners from Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition earlier this year, has also announced its plans to create an operational system. A hyperloop will enable people and goods to travel at speeds of more than a 1,000km/h through tubes with very low air resistance.

Hardt aims to begin building a hyperloop route between two cities within the next four years. The test facility is the first in a series planned to build the first hyperloop route step by step. After completing the low-speed tests, Hardt will aim to build a test facility that will enable the testing of all the systems at high speed.

The first test facility consists of a tube with a length of 30m and an external diameter of 3.2m. It will allow Hardt to test key systems in a vacuum at low speeds. This includes testing the safety, the propulsion, the gliding and the stabilisation of the hyperloop vehicle.

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