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The Most Breathtaking Views of the Grand Canyon

Millions of years of geological history can be seen in the bands of red rock that make up the Grand Canyon. In addition to offering a peek into Earth’s long history, the Grand Canyon is an impressive sight — it is around a mile deep and an average of 10 miles wide, and it stretches almost 300 miles. It is the only U.S. site included in the Seven Natural Wonders list and is revered alongside marvels like Mount Everest, the Great Barrier Reef, and the aurora borealis.
In addition to being physically impressive, the Grand Canyon is particularly photogenic — especially when the rising or setting sun seems to set the layered red rock on fire. Those looking to avoid the crowds can journey to the quieter North Rim of the Grand Canyon or visit the South Rim during the winter when a stark-white layer of snow makes the red rock of the canyon pop.

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