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Travel & Leasure   02 April 2023   USA   Grand Canyon, Arizona  
<p>Millions of years of geological history can be seen in the bands of red rock that make up the Grand Canyon. In addition to offering a peek into Earth&rsquo;s long history, the Grand Canyon is an impressive sight &mdash; it is around a mile deep and an average ...   09 September 2021   World  
<p>Weather: We see and live through the changes every day.<br />The state of the atmosphere at a place and time is weather. There&rsquo;s the heat and rain, which we are familiar with here in Florida as well as dryness, sunshine, wind and -- well, you get ...
Fox News   22 August 2020   USA   Grand Canyon, Arizona  
<p>Fossil footprints from 313 million years ago are the oldest to ever be found in the Grand Canyon.<br />A geology professor from Norway, Allan Krill, made the surprising discovery four years ago on a hike with students.<br />Lying next to the trail, in plain ...
Insider   12 June 2020   World  
<p>Some natural wonders around the world are so distinctive that photos of them look like they've been edited in Photoshop.<br>These landscapes haven't been manipulated with photo-editing software — they occur naturally.<br>Featured places include Yellowstone's ...